Mate Workshop

Cultural Sense and everything you need to know about our tradition

Mate Club de Conversación has created this new educational seminar to teach and share everything about the tradition, the product, the process and the dark sides of one of the main cultural symbols in Argentina.

It’s available in English, French, Poruguese and Spanish!

We’ve adapted the content and dynamic due to covid-19, and we’re happy with this new Virtual challenge and its results.

What’s this workshop about?

I will share with you my experiences and everything I’ve learned about Yerba Mate in Argentina, with a special focus on tradition and local knowledge. We’ll share:
workshop de mateclub
  • Everything about the yerba mate plant and its forests.
  • Production and consumption in Argentina and worldwide.
  • History and indigenous people involved. Cultural sense.
  • Health properties and sustainability.
  • The dark side of the Mate in Argentina.

I’ll show you how to prepare the mate infussion, playing with senses and sensations and talking about other plants and properties you may find easily in your environments.

You’ll finally gain knowledge about the cultural sense of Mate in Argentina: it represents friendship and the act of sharing, and those are the values of this proposal.

About me:

I’m a 31 year old argentine, who lives between Patagonia and Buenos Aires, since I travel every month due to the projects I’m currently managing.

I’m an Agronomist, specialized in Environment and Natural Resource Management, Agroecology, and finishing my studies to get my degree as a Magister in Rural Development. Plant-lover, traveller and interested in cultural exchange.

workshop del mate

MATE is a symbol of friendship and sharing in Argentine culture and represents the values that we wish to instill in the spaces I create.

9 years ago I founded Mate Club de Conversacion, a space for cultural language exchange between native Spanish and English speakers in Buenos Aires.

From the combination of these passions (agronomics, mate and languages) I designed this Mate Workshops.

I firmly believe that I am among the most passionate people about mate in the world. It’s a great alternative to offer.

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