Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish Classes

Mate club de Conversación offers private lessons
with certified teachers from Argentina!!

How do our lessons work?

Our Spanish lessons are designed for those interested in improving their Spanish.

Our lessons are given by Raúl and Rodrigo de la Mano graters connoisseurs of Argentinean culture. The goal for these Spanish lessons is learning the language through the Argentinean vocabulary and expression and also through their culinary culture, typical phrases and of course through the music.


What is the goal of our lessons?

Our main focus is that our students improve their habitual vocabulary, gaining fluency and naturality using the Spanish language.
This is not a typical lesson. It’s totally the opposite! With us you will improve your speaking, writing and listening skills, with music, books from Latin America and other dynamics!


How long are the lessons?

Our lessons are one hour long and you can take one, two or more lessons per week. We offer different days with a varied schedule. We also include an optional conversation club with natives from Argentina where you can put in practice what you learn during the week.


What is the modality?

We use Skype for our conversational online Spanish lessons. It’s the easiest program to install and use for talking online.


What do we focus in our Lessons?

We taught our lessons focus on the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening and reading are known as ‘receptive’ skills while speaking and writing are known as ‘productive’ skills. Listening to and reading content in the language you are learning is a great way to develop your vocabulary and comprehension. Developing your speaking skills will involve gaining fluency in spoken interactions with others, as well as practicing your pronunciation.

Our rate

Private Classes

  • 25 usd once a week for one hour.
  • 20 usd two times a week one hour.

Conversation Lessons

Group lessons, only for intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Group of 2 people: 15 usd (per person) once a week one hour per week.
  • Group of 3 people: 10 usd (per person) once a week for one hour.

I love it! I wanna start, what do I do next?

Send us an email with your information and your preferred schedule! Then we will contact you and arrange a meeting for the first free lesson where we’ll assess your level and your goals for these lessons!

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Know more about our Educators!


Rodrigo de la Mano



Rodrigo was born in Buenos Aires, in “Barrio de Flores” (neighborhood of Flowers). He created “Mate Club de Conversación” in 2012 and after a few years he decided to study to become a Spanish teacher at Elebaires language school.
Rodrigo studied a 2nd major, Organic Production Technician, at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (UBA), choosing this major due to his love of ecology and permaculture. Rodrigo loves to play drums.
All his life he has practiced physical activity and disciplines such as Capoeira, samba-reggae (dance from Brazil) and tango (the popular dance from Argentina). He also loves to travel and has explored most of the regions of Argentina. The last few years he has been traveling around the globe teaching Spanish in different parts of the world and visiting new cultures to make new friends.
He is certified by the Cervantes Institute and UCA(Universidad Catolica Argentina) as a Spanish professor (ELE).


Raul de la Mano

Raúl is a native of Buenos Aires, known as a Porteño. His greatest passion is sharing his knowledge with others. He is certified by the Cervantes Institute as a Spanish professor (ELE). Raul is a professional guide and has worked in tourism for most of his life. In order to always give his best as a guide, he continually takes courses offered at the important points of interest in Buenos Aires and the various tour guide organizations. He loves learning all he can about the history and culture of Buenos Aires in order to share it with his students! Raúl has an interest in languages and has studied English for many years, so he is more than prepared to help the students. He also speaks Italian and French. Raúl has a great interest in art and photography. Raúl is married and he and his wife, Mónica (or “Moni), have three children: Rodrigo, Rocio and Sol. Raúl is definitely one of the most energetic and friendly people you will ever meet.