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We firmly believe that direct contact between native speakers is the best way to practice your language skills. We offer the opportunity for you to build confidence in your ability to communicate ideas and feelings while achieving fluency. We create a friendly atmosphere where you can learn phrases and colloquial language that you will not find in dictionaries or formal education.

MATE is a symbol of friendship and sharing in Argentine culture and represents the values that we wish to instill in our space.

Joining Mate Club de Conversación will allow you to learn various cultural customs, while enhancing your understanding of local dialects and empowering your speaking ability to make the best of your experience while working, studying and traveling.

If you’re in Buenos Aires, Mate Club is a MUST

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There are lots of Media and Institutions that find our Project like an original Cultural Activity to do in the City of Buenos Aires. And we don’t have any problem, we talk to everybody. Write us so we can set the best interview of history.

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Mate Club stills offering the best options to keep knowing, learning and encouraging Cultural Exchange.

To put the lenguaje in motion.